Organic Geochemistry

All the world’s a stage
of organic matter degradation

The Organic Geochemistry research group lead by Dr. Travis Meador capitalizes on expertise in state-of-the-art techniques in both analytical chemistry and molecular biology to characterize the bulk chemical, functional group, and stable isotopic composition of physiologically and environmentally relevant molecules (i.e., biomarkers) found in natural organic matter and cultured organisms stemming from all three domains of life (i.e., Eukarya, Bacteria, and Archaea). Our research focuses on biogeochemical cycles in the surface and deep oceans, as well as in estuaries, inland waters, and sediments.

The Meador lab currently applies innovative isotope techniques and works with collaborators across the globe to investigate topics including fungal activity, water isotopes in organics, nitrate cycling and contamination of surface and groundwaters, biochar and mineral associated organic matter, seagrass N cycling, invasive species, greenhouse gas emissions from streams, peatlands and thawing permafrost, biomarkers of paleoclimate, and more…



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