Date: 02.02.2021

Collection of soil algae and cyanobacteria ISB, BC ASCR

Culture collection of soil algae and cyanobacteria of the Institute of Soil Biology (ISBAL) was established as a working collection in 1986. It became a part of the Biology Centre Collection of Organisms (BCCO) in 2015.

At present, about 2000 strains of algae and cyanobacteria isolated from different soils and aerophitic habitats over the world, including unique and extreme biotopes, e.g. newly exposed post-mining substrates (sometime toxic), post-fire ash, post volcanic substrates, glacier forefields, digestive tracts and excrements of soil invertebrates, hot and cold deserts, air, etc. are maintained. Most of them were isolated during research activities (projects) performed at ISB.

Strains have been used both for scientific and teaching purposes, selected strains represent also a potential for biotechnological use. They are available for collaborative research both in the CR and abroad.

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Curator: Lukešová Alena



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