Date: 05.12.2018

Collection of Soil bacteria

Culture collection of environmental bacteria is a part of the Collection of Organisms of the Biology Centre (BCCO). The deposition of the selected bacterial cultures, isolated and characterised as part of soil-microbiological-research projects, has been resolved at the Institute of Soil Biology, started in 2015. The collection includes mainly isolates from soils, caves, deep substrates, soil-forming sediments both mineral and organic origin, digestive tracts and excrements of soil invertebrates, but also from manure and intestine of livestock. Cultures are used mainly for scientific and teaching purposes. Currently, one of our priority topics is an occurrence and spread of bacterial resistance to antimicrobials in the environment. The tetracycline resistome of some of our cultures is characterised in particular.

The transfer of the bacterial cultures from laboratories into the BCCO, their safe storage and cataloguing was supported by the Academy of Sciences Strategie21, Program: Diversity of life and the health of ecosystems (ROZE).

Contact: RNDr. Dana Elhottová, Ph.D.

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