Dr. Ting-Wen Chen, Ph.D.

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E-mail: ting-wen.chen@upb.cas.cz
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Research Interests

Compared to aboveground ecosystems, soil preserves a greater biodiversity. My researches focus on species coexistence in soil. What are the processes driving community assembly patterns? Which roles has evolution played in contemporary species assemblages? To answer the questions I apply both phylogenetic and trait-based approaches to soil mesofauna (mainly Collembola and Oribatida) inhabiting different terrestrial ecosystems.



Gong, X.T.-W. Chen, S. L. Zieger, C. Bluhm, K. Heidemann, I. Schaefer, M. Maraun, M. Liu and S. Scheu. (2018) Phylogenetic and trophic determinants of gut microbiota in soil oribatid mites. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 123: 155-164. With equal contributions. 

Zhang, B.T.-W. Chen, E. Mateos, S. Scheu and I. Schaefer (2018) Cryptic species in Lepidocyrtus lanuginosus (Collembola: Entomobryidae) are sorted by habitat type. Pedobiologia, 68: 12-19. With equal contributions.

Chen, T.-W., P. Sandmann, I. Schaefer and S. Scheu (2017) Neutral lipid fatty acid composition as trait and constraint in Collembola evolution. Ecology and Evolution, 7: 9624-9638.

Talbot, B, T.-W. Chen, S. Zimmerman, S. Joost, A. J. Eckert, T. M. Crow, D. Semizer-Cuming, C. Seshadri and S. Manel (2017) Combining genotype, phenotype, and environment to infer potential candidate genes. Journal of Heredity, 108: 207-216.

Chen, T.-W., C.-P. Wang and P.-C. L. Hou (2008) A review on the impacts of the invasive earthworms, Pontoscolex corethrurus, on forest ecosystems. Quarterly Journal of Chinese Forestry, 41: 135-148.

Chang, W.-L., C.-Y. Yang, Y.-H. Huang, D. Chao and T.-W. Chen (2004) Prevalence and observation of intestine-dwelling gregarines in the millipede Trigoniulus corallinus (Spirobolida: Pachybolidae) collected from Shoushan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Formosan Entomologist, 24:137-145.

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Gong X., Chen T., Zieger S.L., Bluhm Ch., Heidemann K., Schaefer I., Maraun M., Liu M., Scheu S. (2018) Phylogenetic and trophic determinants of gut microbiota in soil oribatid mites Soil Biology and Biochemistry 123 : 155-164.
DOI: 10.1016/j.soilbio.2018.05.011


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